Bubs n Bumps was created in March 2009 by Cairns Mum of three, Nikki Dungar. During Nikki's three pregnancies she became frustrated with the lack of flattering, yet practical maternity tops avaliable, and decited to make her own design of tops, that soon became a firm favourite in expecting Mums wardrobes.

“I am told from many of our customers, that their Bubs n Bumps top is the most comfortable maternity top they own.  They love the organic fabric, and the fact it always makes others smile when they were it"

The concept of printing images of babies portraying what they may be doing ‘on the inside’ was born when Nikki was pregnant with her 3rd child and found herself constantly thinking about how her baby might think or feel inside her growing belly.

“This appealed to my sense of humour, imagining comical images such as a curious baby peering out through the belly button for a peek at the outside world – Peek-a-boo. and when I was referred to as having a "Bun in my Oven" I imagined my baby inside my belly cooking a bun in the oven! -Bun in the Oven

Nikki admits she's not a great artiest, and felt she couldn't quite paint the images of the babies as well as she imagined them in her head, so she found her talented artiest, Kelly Spencer and Hayley Gillespie to paint the babies, ready to print onto the maternity tops.

Bubs n Bumps maternity tops are a wearable work of art!

"Gone are the days of 'hiding' the pregnancy, these days most mums-to-be are happy to proudly show their pregnant bump.  The unique concept of combining especially designed flattering, comfortable maternity tops with quality & tasteful artwork is perfect for the expecting Mums to proudly show the world she's expecting."

Nikki currently lives in Cairns, Australia with her husband, son and two daughters.

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