Born in London in 1972, Hayley Gillespie relocated to Cairns in 1996.

She has been a professional artist since 1989, in a variety of guises. From theatre and set design, artwork for London Council and Royal Park's, and designing and decorating children's furniture for the exclusive retail stores of London.

In Australia she has worked in painted advertising, brochure design, signs and murals.

Deciding to concentrate on canvas in 2003, she has drawn inspiration from her own childhood in 1970`s, Australia`s colours and lifestyle, and the iconography of both. She has a live model who comes home from school everyday, full of material which is incorporated into her work.

Each painting is executed in her favourite acrylic or oil paint, and signed with an unobtrusive "HJ". Hayley Gillespie's website is

"Bubs n Bumps has been a wonderful experience for me, I was very inspired by Nikki's ideas and had the opportunity to express the imaginings of what I thought my baby might be up to doing when he was floating around in my tummy!"

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