Kelly Spencer was born and bred on the east coast of New Zealand.
After completing a Diploma in Fashion Design in 2002, Kelly spent her younger years working in the clothing industry, designing and creating clothing, before deciding it was time for some adventure. She jetted of to explore the west coast of Australia, South East Asia, and Central and South America.

Since returning, Kelly has worked in Freelance Graphic Design, creating promotional posters for social events and music gigs. She is however mostly focused in the field of illustration, where her works are decorated with fictional fantasy characters and imaginings from some unknown location in the depths of her mind. Kelly Spencer's website is

"Drawing for Bubs n Bumps, creating both the 'Bliss' and 'Peek-a-boo' babies, has been a great opportunity to work on something different and new, with Nikki's enthusiasm serving as a fantastic inspiration."

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