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"I'm addicted to my new "Peek a Boo" top!! It's so easy to wear as it goes with everything: skirts, shorts, pants or black tights. When it goes to the laundry basket, I can't wait to have it back! All my friends loved it, it's cute and I frequently get asked in the street where I got it from. It feels good to wear it because I often look at myself in the mirror and imagine it's little Luca looking at me and playing "peek a boo" :)"

Lilian Leiva Abraho - NSW

"The Bubs n Bumps ‘Peek-a-boo’ singlet is a must have for any expecting mum! It is super comfortable, a great length and helps you embrace the beauty of your growing bump. People can safely comment on your pregnancy and it’s a great way to explain your exciting news to your other young children. Troy loves it when I wear my Bubs n Bumps singlet and it allows us to have good chats about the baby, which is fun!"

Marlies Hobbs - Founder of Paleo Cafe, Cairns QLD

"Just love my Bubs n Bumps tops. So comfy and flattering. Have had lots of compliments already and I'm proud to recommend them. Plus the customer service was a breath of fresh air!! Thanks Nikki."

Stephanie Wehr - QLD

"Since buying this wonderful top, my darling daughter of 4 years identified with her Baby Boo and had an instant bond with her new baby brother. I received so many lovely comments from family, friends and strangers every time I wore it which made it all that more special being pregnant. This was my 'wash and wear' top right up to the end of my pregnancy......I LOVE IT and will miss not wearing it!!!! This is Baby Boo playing in the park with his Big Sister!"

Tanya Johnson

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful maternity top which grows along with my growing twin bump. I find it hard to find normal maternity clothes to fit. But this top has never let me down. I often get comments on how cute/awesome/wonderful my top is. I wear it with pride. I highly recommend bubs n bumps. Thank you so much Nikki for a wonderful item."

Aleks Carey

"Just to drop u a line to say a huge thank you for my tops there so comfy , and every time I wear them I get lots of looks , smiles , comments it's a real fun factor ! The art work is amazing and baby is so real, friendly looking , I can safely say I am wearing them around Ireland with pride , your customer care & constant contact while tops were in transit was brilliant! So here is a nice pic I got taken wearing it ... Thanks again xxxxx"

Eleanor Merriman Laois - Ireland

"Thanks for the great singlet- still comfy at 37 weeks"

Lanya Kelly Salvana - QLD

"I love my Bubs n Bumps top! Not only are the designs adorable, the fabric is just so so comfy on my preggie body!"

Emma Wilson VIC

"I LOVED my bubs n bumps top when pregnant. It was one of the only tops that was actually long enough to not only go over my bump, but even cover the top of my belly belt. It felt flattering to wear, and didn’t itch! 5 months after having my baby, I am still wearing my bubs n bumps top, it does wonders for my post preggie belly, and I still just love the quality cut of it."

Tani Klein QLD

"Comfortable and sexy! The Bubs and Bumps tops are made from quality material, allow room for your expanding belly and are extremely flattering. I only wish Nikki D made maternity summer dresses. I would highly recommend these quality and sexy maternity tops and wouldn’t be surprised if you continued to wear them well after your baby is delivered."

Sarah Jones, Thursday Island, QLD

"I have two Bubs n Bumps tops and they are both so comfortable and easily washable. I highly recommend these great maternity tops to any pregnant mums to be, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks Nikki D for designing such a wonderful top!"

Angela Johnson, Cairns, QLD

"I love these shirts they are so cute and comfy. The length is perfect, they are long enough to cover my belly and the top part of my pants which is great. These tops are truly unique and stylish. I love it…"

Latoya Vasicek QLD

"I recommend this amazing brand of clothing to any expecting mother. Easily worn and washable. The amount of comments I had on my ‘Peek-a-Boo’ top made me feel as special as the tops are themselves!"

Michelle Cooke, Cairns QLD

"I love my top so much, the art work is fantastic and fits perfectly! A big thanks to my sister in-law Rayleen for sending it down!!"

Melanie Fullagar Sydney NSW

"I wore my ‘Two Peas in a Pod’ T-shirt to my baby shower yesterday. Everyone loved it! Thanks so much!"

Sarah Williams QLD

"Thank-you for my Peek-a-Boo singlet. I LOVE IT!!!!"

Dani Mould at 30 weeks. NSW

"I have 2 tops from Bubs N Bumps and they have been a godsend during my pregnancy!! Not only are they extremely unique, and a real conversation starter, but they are super comfy and made from high quality material. I wash and wear them every other day!! I have been very happy with my purchase and will be recommending them to any pregnant woman looking for stylish comfort :)"

Kayci Browning Cairns QLD

"I was given a ‘Two Peas in the Pod’ tee when my friend found out I was pregnant with twins. I loved wearing it and wore it often throughout my pregnancy because it was so comfy and towards the end was one of the only things that fit! My medium size shirt stretched to fit a woman measuring 50 weeks pregnant! I have loved wearing this shirt and am doing so one last time as we go to hospital. Thank you. Keep up the great work!"

Chantelle, NSW

"I love wearing my Bubs n Bumps long sleeve top – so comfortable, washes well and attracts plenty of positive comments! I have worn a high neck top underneath my top throughout my pregnancy just because it’s cold in Tassie!"

Nicole Bircknell, TAS

"Love it Love it Love it!! I have had so many people stop me & comment on it. Lots of laughs & where did you get it from? It’s very comfortable, great length & fit for my growing tummy! The service was also amazing. Easy to buy with payment options & super-fast postage. Thanks so much for making my purchase enjoyable!"

Jennifer Goodwin Kaniva VIC

"I love your tops and received numerous compliments wearing the “peak-a-boo” This is me at my baby shower wearing it."

Fiona Lunney, VIC

"Love my Bubs n Bumps I am wearing my Two Peas in a Pod top at my twins baby shower, everyone asked where I got it ! Also excellent service, super fast postage and the lovely-feeling fabric is great quality :)"

Shelley – Elanora, QLD

"I received the bliss T a few weeks back and at 15weeks I am already popping out like no tomorrow. As this is my 3rd pregnancy everything seems to have just “fallen” out and I have had people rubbing my belly since just before 12weeks! My first impression was how soft the lovely fabric is- it feels thick enough to be incredibly stretchy and comfortable, but not hot. As I put it on the cotton feels amazing against my skin and it is quite easy to see how it will continue to stretch and grow as I do over the coming weeks and months. The ruching on the sides is perfect and there is a good amount of length so I can tell I won’t be peek-a-booing my actual belly when I get toward the end and some tops ride up terribly! The transfer also has a great stretch to it, so there is no danger of it cracking and warping over time and with stretch. I know this top will become a staple item of my maternity wardrobe, and it will definitely be one of those items I am sad to put away after baby arrives"

Hailey Vergers,QLD

"I was sent the ‘peek-a-boo’ t-shirt and I absolutely love it. Everyone that sees it smiles and says how cute it is. Its comfortable and stretchy and a real conversation starter.I have a 21 month old and she always lifts my other tops up to find “baby” its so cute.I wear this top as much as I can! It washes really well and stays in shape once washed. It doesn’t need ironing which is a God send with 3 others kids in the house. Even with plenty of washes the print looks as good as new!Overall I’m very impressed with the top and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants the world to know they’re expecting."

Clare O’Connor, VIC

"Thank you so much for my top….I got the “peekaboo” cami and was amazed at the quality of the artwork. It was so detailed from the colouring of the baby’s face to the shadowing in the eyes…it looked so realistic. My 22month old loved it and all day would say “baby” and pat my belly. The fabric was also really good quality and stretchy and the ruching around the belly part means it will stretch nicely as your belly grows. The cami has adjustable straps which was good as maternity bras can have really thick and high up straps so the top hides them nicely. I wore the top to an indoor playcentre and got comments that it was a really cute and cool top, a friend of mine loved it and wanted to buy one."

Caroline Hopwood,QLD

"Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know just how much I love my ‘Peek a boo’ singlet! I get so many compliments from perfect strangers as well as family and friends. It would also be the most comfortable maternity top that I own! I get really frustrated because sometimes I find that the maternity tops I can find are designed with old ladies in mind!! (Quite bizarre considering I don’t know of any old pregnant ladies!) I always feel really good about myself when I am wearing this one! So thank you. Keep up the good work!!! Kel"

Kelly Stanmas, Australia

"I love the top as it makes it easier for people to see you’re pregnant & not just fat. Nothing more embarrassing than asking someone how many weeks they are, when they’re not pregnant. I also love it as it’s unique. In my town, everyone wears the same things due to limited maternity range…. So I will be the envy of other Mums-to-be.. and besides…It will make good advertising. They will want to know where I got it and I can tell them “Bubs n Bumps"

Clarissa Lindsay WA

"LOVE my shirt Nikki, I get lovely comments from strangers everywhere I go! Here is a pic from my Maternity Bump Photo-shoot with Artsnic. xx"

Donna Sillett NSW

"Absolutely LOVE my singlet! I have had many comments already & even passed on some business cards! Excellent material & light weight. Very comfortable."

Natalie Hauser – QLD

"I would just like to say once again, thank you so much for my friends cami top, I ended up giving it to her straight away, just so she could get that extra wear out of it, and it fits PERFECT! It looks great, and the way you wrapped it and added the little extra’s made it even more special."

Trine Paerata TAS

"Drawing for Bubs n Bumps, creating both the ‘Bliss’ and ‘Peek-a-boo’ babies, has been a great opportunity to work on something different and new, with Nikki’s enthusiasm serving as a fantastic inspiration"

Kelly Spencer NZ

"Bubs n Bumps has been a wonderful experience for me, I was very inspired by Nikki’s ideas and had the opportunity to express the imaginings of what I thought my baby might be up to doing when he was floating around in my tummy!"

Hayley Gillepsie QLD

"All I can say is I wish I had more Bubs n Bumps outfits to wear! I had my long sleeve top at the beginning of my pregnancy and wore it right up until I gave birth. It expanded perfectly as I moved through my trimesters, without losing its shape, comfort or colour! It expanded with me and my bub and returned to its original form EVERYTIME I took it off"

L.Nelson QLD

"I was given one of your fabulous ‘Peek-a-Boo’ t-shirts by my workmates and they got just as much of a thrill out of seeing me wear it, as I did wearing it! I had sooooooooo many comments on it from totally random people all over the country and I made sure to spread the word. Great idea."

Robyn Rankin QLD

"I received the bliss cami and love it too bits. The material is so soft and stretchy, it is the most comfortable shirt. My almost 3 years old loves showing everyone the baby. Everyone who sees the top loves it and comments on how cute it is. I will be buying another 1 or 2 tops."

Kendra Mackenzie – QLD

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks for super quick delivery of my shirt (over night). I loooove it and uploaded a pic this morning on my facebook of me wearing it and already have had so many emails/texts asking where I got this shirt from and everyone at work love it too. Great to see it is local as I am here in Cairns also. I think soon this shirt will be seen everywhere. WELL DONE!"

Rachelle Hodgson, CAIRNS,QLD

"These have to be one of the most comfortable maternity tops I’ve had. The pictures make them very unique and I get lots of wonderful comments while wearing them, however if the picture is too loud or too much for you, Nikki sells the tops without the picture. Bubs N Bumps have three styles of tops to keep you comfortable all year round, a singlet top, a short sleeved tee and a long sleeved tee. They seem to be well made and i would think would last well over time. Nikki is wonderfully helpful and promt at answering any question which makes ordering a breeze."

Julie Koenig – WA

"Received the top last week, I am now 38 weeks pregnant and have only taken it off to wash and put back on. Have had so many comments on people asking where I got this top, and how cute it is, my two youngest children always come up and pat the top saying”Baby,,,me smooth Baby”. The material is exceptionally comfortable, and is not too thin or too thick. I requested the long sleeve as I have scarring on my arms, and even the full sleeves(i usually wear mid length sleeves) are comfortable. I am a larger end od the size scale and was a little apprehensive that this top would be too tight, but it is truly REALLY comfortable. I can only wish normal clothes were available in this kind of comfort level!!!I adore this top….I wish I could stay pregnant solely to be able to continue to wear it."

Cindy Sharp – VIC

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